Turning Your Car Into A Sonic Pod
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Turning Your Car Into A Sonic Pod

They say no one likes a long commute, but I prove that saying wrong because I love my two hour commute. I used to struggle with motivation to get out the door in the morning after waking up. This ended up costing me a promotion because of too many late mornings. Installing some new speakers and a better sound system in my car completely changed my driving experience. Now that I can listen to all my favorite music during the drive, I jump out of bed and get going early or on time every day. Find out what you need to do to improve your commute with music.

Turning Your Car Into A Sonic Pod

3 Car Improvements For Aesthetics And Safety

Veronica Dixon

To make your car not only pleasing to look at but a pleasure to drive and own, it's vital that you stay on top of some of the improvements that can go a long way for you. Since cars depreciate quickly, you can hold back this depreciation by making worthwhile changes to your automobile. There's no right or wrong way to improve your car, but there are plenty of value-enhancing changes that every driver should look into. Start with these three, and you'll feel like you got a brand-new car. 

1. Buy an eye-catching and protective window tint

A window tint is one of the most worthwhile changes that you can make to any vehicle. Not only does a window tint give your car a slick new appearance that sets it apart, but you will also find that the vehicle is even more of a pleasure to drive after getting this service. It keeps your car cooler in the summertime since not as much sunlight gets through. It also keeps out ultraviolet rays that are potentially harmful and that block your visibility. Since there are more than 6 million serious accidents per year, getting a window tint to maintain your visibility can help keep you safer when you drive. You will need to turn to your local window tinting services to get the work that you prefer.

2. Stay on top of improving your rims and tires

It's one thing to slap on some tires that will just get your vehicle to pass inspection, and another entirely to invest in some high-performance tires. If you care about your safety, high-performance tires are a must. You'll have greater stopping distances and will be safer when it rains and snows. You can also make your vehicle look amazing by purchasing a new set of rims. To really make your vehicle one-of-a-kind, consider installing some custom rims made with premium alloy materials.

3. Consider buying a new sunroof

Finally, another great Improvement to make to your vehicle is installing a sunroof. Imagine the amazing breeze you will feel overhead when driving home after a long day's work. This adds a lot of value to your car as well, so that you can get more of a profit on the resale market. Installing a new roof for your vehicle can cost you about $1,000 or so, and is an incredible idea.

If you love your car and want to love it even more, start with these three improvements.