Turning Your Car Into A Sonic Pod

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They say no one likes a long commute, but I prove that saying wrong because I love my two hour commute. I used to struggle with motivation to get out the door in the morning after waking up. This ended up costing me a promotion because of too many late mornings. Installing some new speakers and a better sound system in my car completely changed my driving experience. Now that I can listen to all my favorite music during the drive, I jump out of bed and get going early or on time every day. Find out what you need to do to improve your commute with music.

Hearing Loss In Young Children Often Goes Undetected

Hearing loss in children and infants can often go undetected until later in life, when the symptoms become more prevalent. Some of the more common symptoms of hearing loss in young children include unclear diction, the child continually asking you to repeat what you said, speaking loudly and needing a higher volume for radio and television. According to statistics, approximately 1 to 6 out of 1,000 newborns have congenital hearing loss, and this may be a low estimate, as some hearing loss will not be noticeable until the child is older. Why Hearing Loss In Children Goes Undetected Without proper screening such as pre-school and medical checkup screenings, many children may have some minor hearing loss that is undetected. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that until the child obtains a speech impediment due to not being able to hear and properly imitate speech, many adults simply do not notice that a child does not hear perfectly. Minor hearing loss may be misunderstood by parents as a child simply not paying attention, such as when the child asks for you to repeat what was said often. Subtle signs of minor hearing impairment, such as turning an ear to the speaker, may simply go unnoticed or be construed as mere quirky behavior, instead of a symptom of hearing problems. Causes For Hearing Loss in Children Some children are simply born with a congenital defect in the ear that can lead to impairment or outright deafness. However, in some cases, the cause could be as simple as fluid in the ear, otherwise known as otitis media. If left...